The idea
The e-book EBM Collection idea was born in the last year, recognizing the need for doctors to access EBM information at office when the patient presents his case, but also to revise one particular disease at another time.
By the side of patients, the need is to be aware about different aspects of diseases.
For students in health disciplines, the collection represents a schematic way to organize information and to explore in a evidence-based way the great world of medicine.

The e-book EBM Collection is published by SICS srl (Italy), contents are provided by Duodecim Medical Publications, Ltd (Finland) and are accredited by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence- NICE (United Kingdom).

Lorenzo Moja

Editorial advisory board

He is a recognized expert in evidence based medicine and evidence synthesis. His key interests include identifying and facilitators and barriers to using high quality research in clinical practice and health policy. He is an editor of the Cochrane Collaboration, and other biomedical journals.

Claudio Moroni

Business Development Director

30 years of experience in scientific and biomedical publishing. He deals since 2007 CDS and aggregators of digital content in the biomedical field, he collaborates with major international scientific publishers.

Sara Raselli

Scientific Editor

20 years of experience in scientific contests, with a special attention in new technologies and multimedia communication. Structure, classification and contents organization.

Paolo Cambiaghi

Web Designer Senior & Seo Specialist

A solid background on the architecture of the systems and a creative way to approach with enthusiasm new projects.