Treatment of dyslipidaemias

Preventing the progress of arterial disease in those already affected (the most important patient group to be treated)
Decreasing the risk of atherosclerotic arterial disease guided by the total risk (combined effect of risk factors).
he assessment of the risk for arterial disease may be facilitated by the use of different risk calculators (e.g. SCORE , HeartScore ). Changing living habits is the primary target in all patients.
Rule out secondary hypercholesterolaemia (e.g. associated with hypothyroidism) before starting drug treatment.
The general goal of treatment is to maintain plasma LDL cholesterol concentration (calculator ) under 3.0 mmol/l (in high-risk individuals under 2.5 mmol/l and in very high-risk individuals under 1.8 mmol/l, if possible). Changing of plasma HDL cholesterol or triglyceride concentrations is not a treatment goal, but they are measured for risk assessment.