EBM Ebooks

This series of e-books represents the most extensive collection of guidelines for primary care, based on the "EBM Guidelines" published by Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd, the first non-UK guideline developer to obtain NHS Evidence Accreditation in recognition for the methodology applied. Despite the extensiveness of the contents, the individual guidelines are concise and easy to read as they have been specifically structured for a multidevices consultation.

Concise summaries of scientific evidence are based on Cochrane reviews and DARE abstracts from the Cochrane Library as well as on other recent systematic reviews. Evidence-Based Medicine is a systematic approach to clinical problem-solving which allows the integration of the best available research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values.

Please, visit www.ebmconnect.com to more info and to download a free ebook. Please, click on the macro-area figure below to explore the corresponding ebook collection. Titles are classified by medical specialties.